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levels for today. we're seeing both indexes trading lower considerably. the nikkei down 2.3% and the top topix down 2.5%. we're weaker than what many had expected. some of the marketplace also warning that if the bank of japan policy meeting fails to inspire and if the u.s. jobs data falls short of expectations then stocks could take a bit of a hate especially with indexes just as the nikkei and the s&p 500 have been hitting highs. there's a bit of a concern. the nikkei has been down over 300 points in the first few minutes of trading. we could be seeing that slide correction right now in fact. we've also seen the yen regaining strength ahead of bank of japan meeting. that's also going to be very closely watched. >> seems like u.s. manufacturing data not helping the dollar too much. where do we stand this tuesday? >> the ism manufacturing data was in effect just having a look at some of the currency pairs there. let's talk about the euro. it's -- let's begin with the dollar. 92.96 to 93.01. manufacturing data fell in march to 51.3. euro/yen 119.50 to 53. it's holding a bit of a tight rei
is in the positive and well above that 12,000 level on the nikkei. topics just below that thousand level and see if we can get above that. yesterday, we did see the nikkei fall 1% after plummeting 300 points at one stage but managed to close above 12,000. the move yesterday looked like a correction of sorts, markets taking the position of the government and bank of japan on what needs to be done to battle deflation and achieve that 2% n inflation goal as well. and markets and investors looking for further news or action. we'll see as the bank of japan meet meeting ends on thursday. ai. >> i guess they're looking for something they can sink their teeth into. tell us about the yen. we have seen it weaken a touch against the dollar ahead of that boj meeting. where do we stand right now? >>, of course. a lot of movement and a big focus for investors. dollar/yen, 93.39-40 and the yen has weakened a touch factory owners rose 3% in march boosting the dollar and slight ly the weak weakening we heard about on monday and let's not forget about the u.s. job numbers on friday. to the euro/yen. it lost a li
with the nikkei jumping 3%. automakers drove higher today after positive u.s. auto sales numbers. index heavy weight fast retailing a big reason behind the nikkei surge. the stock soared 14% after the clothing chain registered a 3% jump in march same-store sales. in china the official and hsbe readings suggested a robust growth in china's service sector but the economic outlook remains cloudy while beijing reform measures lack clarity and the monitor policy is being tightened. on the stock market, shanghai composite eased ahead of a two-day holiday starting tomorrow while shenzhen rebounded. so far 7% affected with the bird flu virus and two deaths reported. weakness on bank wait on the hang seng. elsewhere with escalating tensions with the north, south korea's kospi lost ground with ship builders sinking deeply under water. in australia, lower by 0.6 of a percent and sensex trading down. >> now on specific news we're following this morning. moleskin debuted on italy's stock market today. shares are trading near the ipo price of 2.30 per share. the latest quote shows that we're up by about a
levels for april 4th here in tokyo. both indexes trading lower. the nikkei down by 2% and the topix down by 1.6%. in addition to the jobs numbers that you're talking about we also saw a decline in nonmanufacturing ism data. to say we have had a volatile week ahead of the boj meeting would be an understatement. the nikkei had seen a 579-point swing between the low and high this week. that's a big move. the markets seem to be placing bets on whether the bank of japan will disappoint or surprise the markets. >> a lot seems to have been priced in it. also the adp private employment data in the u.s. ahead of main jobs data seem to have driven the dollar lower too. >> reporter: looking at the dollar/yen 92.80 to 81. weekless jobs claims may give it further direction. the bank of japan meeting will dictate the moves for the/yen even if a lot of it has been factored in. investors may be a little cautious. central bank decisions likely to grab the headlines today. we shouldn't expect any major moves. we're seeing the nikkei showing further declines in a pretty volatile week so far ahead of the th
the global economic outlook as well. let's go straight to the opening levels for tokyo for the nikkei and the topix for april 16th, this tuesday. both indexes in the negative following on from the u.s. markets. 13,054 for the nikkei. topix down just under 2%. we saw a sharp decline on monday following the worst than expected gdp data out of china. it's caused investors to shift funds back into what they consider safer assets. one of them being the yen. we have seen some fluctuations in the u.s. financial markets keeping a very close eye on gold. the price of gold had its biggest one day drop falling around 9%. you can see the graph there and the figures coming up to a two year low on monday. that's due to fears over the sale of the precious metal by central bank. also interesting to see how the banking sector will perform the citigroup came out with its earnings announcing net income rose 30% last quarter so a bit of focus on banks as well. >> prices of gold which has been considered a safe asset, that's falling. what about another safe haven, the yen? >> that's coming into focus righ
are in this positive. almost up 1% for the nikkei and the topics is up 1% as well. the nikkei ended lower yesterday, to remind viewers but did rebound quite a bit towards the close as we saw the yen reversing earlier gains on the dollar and continue over its weakening course and boosted stocks and we're seeing continuation helped by the u.s. market. we will watch closely for further indications. investors may be wary making further moves ahead of that g-20 meeting later this week as the yen's weakness has been a concern and we touched on that several times. >> we actually saw some volatility in some currency pairs but the yen is weaker now than this time on monday. >> exactly. a little bit of volatility. still on a weakening trend, currently 97.65-68. the dollar did fall to 95 yen levels after the bombing in boston and gold dropping 9% but it has come back. the u.s. data i mentioned and you covered also boosted the dollar. the euro yen, 128.72-77, that also bounced back as investors's risk appetite has recovered. there is still a heavy load of earnings coming out of the u.s. later this week for inv
,263 for the nikkei. the nikkei ended lower on thursday and so far it's down on the wheat. it may give direction as we heard that ibm's earnings fell for the last quarter highlighting the fall. microsoft and google beat some estimates. that may also give some direction about the outlook for the u.s. economy. earnings and economic data there, a little bit of a focus as well. >> the g-20 is a meeting of international financial leaders. a lot of focus on currency moves. gives us an up dadate on where are now? >> let's have a look at it right now this friday morning as tokyo stocks kick off here. 98.24 to 25. it hasn't shifted that much but hasn't treatedoo much either. compared to monday when it dipped to 95 yen levels, if you remember. as you mentioned about the g-20, a lot of focus will be on a speech given by the bank of japan governor where he wants to explain in greater detail about the current monetary policy and that the bank of japan is not targeting rates. it's been a big concern in global markets despite most leading economies having agreed to the principals involved. dending on the cmentsnd re
headlines from around the world. stocks in europe firmly in the green after the nikkei on surges to its highest level in five years. this after the dollar/yen nears 100 and more than 50 companies in the japanese index report earnings this week. >>> shares in phillip falls after it warnings it expects a weak first half. but ceo tells cnbc his turn around plan is on track. >> i reiterate the unlocked potential in those markets is substantial. >> and george neapolitano wins a first ever second term as an italian president. shares rallying on hopes he can end the stalemate. >>> and charges will be filed soon in the boston bombing. investigators reportedly begin questioning the suspect about the attack. >> and i'm ross westgate. after a weekend with china's leading entrepreneurs, we'll find out why they consider the last ten years to have been something of a lost decade. >> ross westgate, not with me on set. he's out in hong kong. he's been a busy guy, as well. ross, perhaps you can give viewers a sense of what they can expect from this special china edition of the show today. >> well, look,
's first policy meeting. you can see the nikkei adding more than 2% and this follows 3% yesterday and frankly a run of 40% since abe came into power last fall. >> in the meantime, kuroda has come out with a big bank. which central banker is the better man for the job? let us snow. e-mail us, tweet us, too. >> the battle of the central bankers. >>> coming up on the program, all eyes on madrid as spain looks to raise 4 million euros. we'll bring you breaking analysis around 10:40 cet. >>> and we'll be in facebook in palo alto where the new facebook operating system is set to be unveiled for android mobile devices. >> and we will go live eoul. >> now, north korea, as we said, has blocked workers from a jointly run park. meanwhile, they're ramping up their own defenses in the pacific. chery, maybe you can help us sort out these conflicting reports. >> yes. those conflicting reports actually show how sense ifrly we are reacting. north korea maintained the entry ban for workers wanting to go into the industrial park for days now. this is not the first time that the inter-korean joint ve
. for april 10th and both indexes in the positive still well above the 13,000 level for the nikkei. stocks have improved dramat dramatically and we have to see if earnings reflect that positive sentiment. the focus has been on the move set in motion by the boj last week with aggressive easing measures having weakened the yen further and pushed the nikkei above the 13,000 level. the upward direction or momentum is pretty defined in that sense. however, investors found the chance every now and then, as we noted yesterday, just to take a little bit of profits on some of the gains after the recent surges higher. we also saw the dollar retreat after getting close to that 100 yen yesterday. >> we have seen the dollar come off a touch. where are some of the currencies trading this wednesday morning? >> crucial importance where the dollar yen is trading. we did see a trade as high as 99.66 sud in tokyo and it has backed off as they trade around the lower levels. 99.08-10. traders are likely to wait for further cues to breaking above that 100 level a level we haven't touched since april 14th, 2009,
's economy the nikkei has been powering ahead already. we've seen a weakening trend. that's really enough time for a lot of moves to have trickled down into the earnings reports for a lot of exporters and banks and other key sectors. we'll be looking out for that especially considering the fact that the japan's economy has been constrained by slow growth and a strong yen just last year. we're seeing a big reversal there. starting this week in the u.s. and in the following weeks in japan for blue chip exporters and companies investors really want to see what the guidance is and the forecast and some of the key results there for this fiscal year in japan. >> we're seeing the yen weak and getting closer and closer to that 100 yen level. >> that's a crucial level. >> let's have a look at the dollar yen. 99.30 to 35. let's not forget that went from 92.70 just before the boj announcement last thursday to the current levels getting closer and closer to 100 level. these are numbers we haven't seen since may 2009. let's have a look at the euro yen as well. again levels not seen since january 2010.
of trading. let's remind viewers that the nikkei did close above 13,500 yet. despite talks among investors we have yet to see science igns of off. there's a bit more faith into japanese shares. we've seen the yen weaken even further falling and approaching that hundred yen level against the dollar. meanwhile the drop in pc sales may be of concern especially we saw shares in the likes of hewlett-packard. >> ramin, with regard to the yen, we were approached that psychologically crucial 100 yen level a few times but each time backed off. where are we now? >> a couple of times this week we have come close to that. it will really break the way into breaking above 100 yen level. we have fallen short of that key resistance level but traders expect for that level to be broken soon. there's already a major shift out of yen and other assets by global investors. let's have a look at the euro/yen as well. it keeps power ahead having already broken through the yen at one stage during overnight trading. we're going to keep track of fast retailing. the operator of the clothing store chain after asia's to re
, april 18th here. both indexes in thenegative. 1347 down one 1% the nikkei. down 1,125 for the topix. the nikkei rebounded on wednesday. the focus today may shift to financial and tech related shares especially as shares of apple fell in relation to one of the suppliers on its outlook sighting in ipad shipments. we're going to being looking out for component suppliers here in japan that make a lot of parts that go into products such as tablets and smart phones of which apple makes many of those as well. we keep track of that sector as well. >> kicking off later today the g-20 over in washington, d.c. as we've been reporting a lot of focus will be on the recent weakening yen. where do we stand lead of that key meeting? >> a lot of market players will be watching the g-20 meeting and thedollar/yen. that may trade in a ltle bit of rgehead of that meeting and it's still weaker than it was this time yesterday when it was at the mid 97 yen levels. we'll keep track of that. the euro/yen 127.54 to 59. it traded up to upper 129 during wednesday. as you can see now 127.49 to 52. there were con
for tokyo april 24th this the positive. 14,074 for the nikkei and 1,156 for the topix. we should be on the lookout for components for apple products showing smartphones and tablet devices are out-pacing pcs as a product of choice for many who want to use the web. yahoo! japan for instance has already started taking steps to introduce smartphone ready online stores ahead of pc websites. so that's a trend that we really should be watching out for. we should also keep an eye out for financials, after u.s. stocks gains in the likes of bank america and jpmorgan led the indexes higher there. also, we had economic data. new home sales rose by 1.5% from last month. that also helped boost sentiment as well as stocks in the u.s. yuko. >> despite the positive housing news, we still haven't seen the dollar yen getting closer to 100. >> yes. that does seem to be an illusive level, doesn't it? the dollar is holding around mid to upper 99.60-70 levels. the euro also falling a touch there. 129.5 129.53-58 after weaker than expected consensus and some think the central bank may be ready to cut in
that often. the nikkei stock average hit a multiyear high trading volume was the biggest ever. the nikkei climbed 1.58% to finish at 12,833. it reached its highest level in four years and seven months. tokyo shares got a lift due to stronger than expected monetary easing measures announced by the bank of japan on thursday. japanese securities houses specializing in online trading are getting flooded with inquiries from people looking to open new accounts. on friday, staffers at the call center of one brokerage were busy handling such inquiries as well as buy and sell orders. they say they received two times more calls than they had done the previous day. they note the number of new accounts that have been open so far this month has shown a near three-fold increase compared with the same period last year. >> translator: we had never expected a trading day like this. people were screaming with joy. >> bank of japan governor kuroda stressed his resolve to end deflation with the bank's fresh monetary easing measures. under the bold measures adopted on thursday, the central bank will, in two y
with the closing numbers. >> most numbers ended in positive territory today. the nikkei was the index that got the most attention, up almost 2%. japanese companies on the nikkei got a big boost from the yen which weakened to a level that's just hovering around the triple digit mark. the yen hit an intraday high to 99.89 yen to the u.s. dollar. this weakening is a reaction to the g-20 statement that came out on friday that gave the bank of japan a pass on its stimulus measures. they did say structural changes need to be made. the major earthquake in china's sichuan province had an effect on the insurance sector in shanghai and hong kong. shares of insurers on both indices declined as we learn more information about saturday's earthquake. state media reports say 188 people have died, more than 11,000 people are injured. we also saw shares of construction-related companies rise with the expectations of major rebuilding projectscommoi. gold increased. brent oil is off of its lows, the commodity sector supported the main aussie benchmark which closed up 0.7%. this is how monday ended in asia. let's
just before the nikkei and the topix open this morning. consumer prices in japan excludesing volatile food prices fell marking a fifth straight monthly drop compared to a year ago. that's an important factor right there. l let's have a look at the opening levels for friday. both indexes in the positive. we're approaching that 14,000 leve if we break above that it will be the highest level since june 2008. the bank of japan will release report on price trends for the upcoming two-year period. bank of japan governor will give a meeting later today. japanese prices have ended higher. investors still looking to continue to buy exporters despite some of the earnings results which were weaker than consensus. i'm talking about canon and nintendo. some big names released yesterday after the bell. sony returns a profit after aggressively selling some loss making assets. >> all the talks is about the earnings reports. it has gained attention so where is it trading this friday morning? >> let's have a look. the yen has gained just a touch. it did gain pushing the dollar below 99 at one point but
increase in the nikkei, a significant decrease in the value of the yen, and a lot of assets moving from japan overseas. >> yet if you look at the chart of the nikkei that we just had up over a one-year period of time, it's already up over 37%. does it need to take a break? >> the bank of japan is setting new starting points and it has performed extraordinarily well. we think it has another significant leg up. remember the large institutions will be japanese moving from japanese institutions moving from fixed income in a by way, and we think the overseas money will follow as well. how would you play it and how are some of your clinds playing it? >> it's sore of counter intuitive. a lot of the hedge funds are expecting the prices to fall. in the u.s. we see that as a competitive advantage. we like the murph sector and other sectors that will benefit. if regulation changes, we think u.s. becomes a net energy exporter, and we like that play as well. both pipe limes, other means of transport, and obviously production. >> is there any other area of the globe that you like, we talked about jap
been bidding up the nikkei whether the bank of japan can continue to deliver. today, they did say they'll increase their frequency in the market. for more on that, let's get the latest from li sixuan out of singapore. >> hi, kelly. the shanghai composite bucked the down trend to end higher bay modest 0.2% on the back of the fdi data helped by stronger inflows into services and manufacturing sectors. positive earningsf china lifted mainland automakers. meantime, property developers ebbed on a mixed note while average home prices continue to accelerate in march before new curves take effect. the weakness in mainland xhotty plays brought the hang seng lower by 0.25% extending a five-day losing streak. elsewhere, the apple sell-off, in fact, still very much in play. pessimism over the future demand for apple products weighed on some of the tech heavy asian markets with suppliers taking a hit in taiwan, south korea, and also japan. thailand lost 1.3% today and apple's major flat screen supplier tanked nearly 5%. apple linked stocks in japan shredded some 2.4%. the nikkei closed down 1.2%. d
at the easing this week and investors are weary of being letdown. the nikkei tumbled over 2% today on profit taking. in south korea, we got relatively muted reaction to north korea's latest war threats, the kospi a slight retreat had more to do with that chinese pmi data. the builders cap losses. india's sensex still in action, now trading higher by a modest 0.2%. as you just mentioned with the aussie, hong kong and new zealand markets closed for the easter holiday. they'll be back online tomorrow. back to you, brian. >> as mentioned, rising tensions of north and south korea, the major concerns in asia. south korea vowing to strike back quickly pt north wages any threats to its territory. >> it's probably more -- it feels close to war at times. north korea's missile res combat ready and pointing at south korean and u.s. targets now. both sides, north and south, say that they'll strike americanslessly at the other side if there's the slightest provocation. and there's that state of war that is declared by north korea on saturday and that still remains in effect as well as the threat of even p
underway, with that nikkei on fire. coming up on the program, we have an exclusive trio of interviews comes your way. wall street heavyweights reacting to the latest news in the market. we've got the ceo of tiaa-crep, noourl roubini, and wilbur ross, all coming up. >> plus, facebook boss mark zuckerberg announcing new software it's calling home. and get this, it's using google's android platform to do this. so this new htc first phone is out. facebook stock is up about 2.6% right now. google stock is lower. we have more on this develop historic that everybody's been talking about today. >> absolutely. let's check where we stand as we approach this final stretch for a thursday on wall street. the dow jones industrial average up about 36 points. obviously, you can see we're off the highs of the afternoon, which have really reached about 10:00 a.m. this morning. nasdaq composite, negative right now. take a look, the chart pattern is similar to the dow, and it has come way off of the highs, shows a decline right now. s&p 500, higher, although it, too, off of the best levels with a gain, about f
, back to you. >> josh, thank you so much. >>> have you checked out the japanese nikkei recently? listen up, what's happening on the other side of the globe is impacting your money big-time. i'll talk exclusively with the head of mizuho securities usa about the economy in japan and its effect on u.s. stocks. >>> and later, senator david vitter has co-authored legislation and talk of too big to fail getting louder. others aren't so sure that legislation is the right way to go. the story, coming up. keep it right here on "closing bell." it's as simple as this. at bny mellon, our business is investments. managing them, moving them, making them work. we oversee 20% of the world's financial assets. and that gives us scale and insight no one else has. investment management combined with investment servicing. bringing the power of investments to people's lives. invested in the world. bny mellon. >>> welcome back. well, the u.s. market may be hitting new highs in 2013, but let's take a look at this japan chart for a second. the nikkei average, up better than 30% in 2013. exit looks like this may
a pullback from u.s. manufacturing. the nikkei lost over 1% today. exporters, especially technology shares took the brunt of the selling. ny conshares slipped over 3% on the news that the cameramaker is likely to post weak operating profits for the financial year. chinese shares dipped to a new year low. medical shares tumbled after yesterday's tort-led rally boosted for the h 7 and 9 bird flu. property developers gained for the second day as the new tightened measures are part of investors' early fears. that capital gains tax may apply to properties which you can trace the original purchase price. that is not very easy, given the country doesn't have a centralized database yet. the hang seng, however, ended higher by 0.3% with gains in defensive sectors offsetting losses. the mainland banks hong kong listed shares were under great pressure today. elsewhere, sluggish u.s. data ask north korea played its war threats weighing on sentiment. the kospi lost 0.5%. australia's asx 200 managed to end higher by 0.4% after the rba left the door open for future easing. and india's sensex now still on
soared today on the bank's full easing measures. the nikkei 225 neared a five-year high briefly popping the 13,000 mark at one point. mitsubishi ufj financial up 5% and sumi realty dwomt development surged 12.6%. the yen is currently trading at 96 level. it hit the 97 yen benchmark at one point, which is a fresh 3 1/2 year low against the dollar. this helped major exporters such as toyota shares to rise 3.4% and canon up 1 is.5%. the yield on japan's benchmark ten-year note fell as low 3.15%, the lowest on record. appearing at a parliamentary hearing today, the bank boj chief kuroda said that financial markets are not yet in a bubble and are unlikely to be very soon. many analysts are seeing that the central bank has clearly changed and this uptrend will continue. back to you, ross. >> thanks for that. have a good weekend. >>> italian luxury goods prada is due to report earnings. >> and we're going to talk about that in a few moments. also, japanese start up thinks the electric rig shore is the answer. i love this. we'll be talking to the vice president of tara motors live when we come
into the world's third largest economy? a major rally. the bank of japan's aggressive stimulus pushed the nikkei about 13,000 above that number for the first time in more than four years today. the index is up nearly 7% this week, 22% for the year and a whopping 48% since november. >>> back in the states mark zuckerberg unveiled his latest offering, facebook home, a collection of apps to replace your android home screen. >>> more drama at embattled hewlett-packard. its chairman and two other directors are stepping down. >>> jeffrey skilling, former ceo of enron may be getting out of jail early if his lawyers strike a deal with the justice department. skilling has served 6 of a 24-year sentence for conspiracy, fraud and insider trading. >>> bank of america's rolling out atms equipped for live video chats with tellers. boston and atlanta are up first for these new models which also dispense exact change. >>> "the new york times" reports new artificial intelligence technology is now available to colleges nationwide. it would let a computer do the grading for students' essays and short answers. inte
into the world's economy? the nikkei went above 13,000. the index is up. back home, mark zuckerberg unveiled the latest offering, facebook home, a collection of apps to replace your android home screen. the chairman of the board at hughlet packard are stepping down. >>> the ceo of enron may get out of jail early. he has six of a 24 year sentence for con spearty, fraud and insider training. >>> artificial technology is available to colleges nationwide that let's a computer do the grading for essays and short answers. >>> how about this junk food from pizza hut. it looks good there. if that is not your thing, folks in massachusetts can wrap their hands around dunkin' doughnuts glazed doughnut. yeah. the pork shop may soon be a thing of the past. say what? consumer research found labels on packages to be confusing. the pork and beef industries are remaining 450 cuts to give more consumer appeal. ground beef will still be ground beef. >>> just ahead, a report says president obama will go after budget cuts for social security and medicare. did the president make sexist remarks when he complimente
in asia and the nikkei's rally took a breather after jumping over 5% on the week as exporters saw some profit taking. takata lost nearly 2% after mrupging 9% yesterday on the recall of japanese cars and car niece automakers reversed gears today. in china, the shanghai deposit turned negative. investor turned cautious ahead of china's gdp and other data on monday. shares paired down early gains to end just a touch weaker. lenovo was the market lagger today, slipping another 6% after a six-person tumble yesterday, this on xwerns sluggish global pc sales. >>> and also a weak session here in singapore with a straight times down about 0.4%. the monetary authority stuck to its tight stance despite a surprised 1.4% contraction in the country's q1 gdp. meanwhile, in india, the sensex now slipping 1.6%, emphasis of what the other tech giant aside from lenovo leading today the number two i.t. from india raising almost one-fifth of its market cap after its revenue guidance fell short of expectations. and south korea's kospi deeply in the red, this in part due to tensions with the north, but weigh
's nikkei 225 slipped further from a near five-year high down 1.6% today. the dismal u.s. retail sales data drags japanese exports lower. but sharp shooters jumped over 10% after the nikkei reported that the cash-strapped company has decided to sell its 90% stake in pioneer corp. in south korea, steelmakers dragged on the kospi. but psy over-shadowed global tensions with the north. his new video hit a record just over the past few days. in australia, not surprisingly, losses in resources stocks weighed on the commodity heavy asx 200 closing down nearly 1%. and india's sensex is now still on the move, bucking the down trend higher by 0.6 of%. back to you. >> sixuan, thanks for that. >>> still to come on today's program, germany's angela merkel under pressure from opposition parties. this is election campaign season now gets into full swing. carolin has been at the sbd conference. she'll join us from munich right after this. welcnew york state, where cutting taxes for families and businesses is our business. we've reduced taxes and lowered costs to save businesses more than two billion dollar
,537 for the nikkei and 1,143 kicking off for the topix. investors in tokyo should be look out for shares in the tech sector after caterpillar rose 3%. executives at the firm said that demand would pick up in china as well as emerging markets. housing data in the u.s. also weighed down touch on the dollar and that's after existing home sales fell in march. that also put a halt to any further advances in the dollar yen up to that elusive 100 yen level that everyone has been looking out for. >> haven't seen that level yet. maybe investors waiting for further data or words from the upcoming boj meeting this week. >> exactly. fundamental news and central bank news may be one focus through and the central bank of japan meets this friday. no one is expecting any further measures from what it took earlier this month. after a look at the dollar/yen at 99.19 to 21. euro/yen 129.55 to 60. people really betting the yen is going to weaken further because the measures by the bank of japan to keep rates low in japan means that major japanese constitutions such as nipon life insurance means they have to search for
, cold glass of nikkei and eat some ice cream and eat some bread. >> i give him credit, though, because he did sit there and stuck it out, as painful as it was. >> from the bronx, signing off. >> he needs to set up a video camera outside his bathroom door the next day. listen to that for pain. >>> caught on camera, the dance move that -- >> it's like a one-way ticket to a whole bunch of cracked ribs. >> >>> charlie stewart evans had an experience with an albino gopher. watch. he peaks his out of and back in. >> i do not believe this is an albino gopher. it is white, however, its eyes are not pink. >> bingo. >> so it is a white gopher, not albino. >> okay. he's coming out, he's going to grab the plants. >> no. ducks his head back in. he finally sticks it into the the hole. >> he took the whole thing. >> hopefully he has enough room in his gopher kondo for those plans. >> sure. >>> beth, wa do you get when you combine a fountain and a frisbee? these guys had this brighted in out there with his lighted fountains. watch, they have the frisbee on the water before it shoots out. and is when i
falling commodity prices also hurt investor sentiment. the nikkei index closed down 0.4% at 13,221. but the tokyo's benchmark index trimmed earlier losses due to the yen's renewed weakness. meanwhile, south korean shares rebounded from two days of declines. the kospi ended up almost 0.1% at 1,922. the government's announcement of additional spending cheered the market. and in mainland china, the shanghai composite rose 0.6% to close at 2,194. that's after falling for three straight sessions. shares gained ground on speculation about possible deregulation. >>> and gold briefly tumbled over 10% from last weekend in new york, hitting a 26-month low. it fell to $1,338 per ounce on monday. the lowest level since february 2011. investors sold the precious metal after the pace of china's gdp growth slowed in the first quarter of this year leading to concerns that demand for gold in the country would decline. gold is typically bought as a safe haven. expectations of a recovery in the global economy have prompted investors to buy riskier assets such as stocks. the latest chinese economi
two-day meeting gets under way today. nikkei had the best april performance in 20 years while hong kong hang seng added more than half a percent. >>> consumers are opening their wallets and seeing bigger paychecks. the u.s. commerce department reported consumer spending increased 0.2 of a percent in march. income grew by the same amount. analysts say it is a sign that the payroll tax increase has yet to chill spending. >>> more americans are buying homes. the national association of realtors reports pending sales jumped 1.5%. the last time it was that high april of 2010 when the government home buyers tax credit boosted sales. >>> tech companies and economic reports lifted wall street yesterday. dow finished up 106 points while the nasdaq gained almost 28. >>> the fda is investigating whether foods with added caffeine are safe. it comes as wrigley debuted a caffeinated product called alert energy gum. the fda is already looking at energy drinks and shots. the only time the fda explicitly gave permission to add caffeine was in the 1950s for sodas. >>> a prototype spacecraft that wou
the nikkei stock index soaring. elsewhere, the bank of england left its main lending rate unchanged. the european central bank in frankfurt also left its rate unchanged. the price of money is 0.75%. the hope is the low rates will encourage businesses to invest in new economic activity. >> ok, so, a lot of action there from world's central banks. let's go to the frankfurt stock exchange. there seems to have been a bit of a dramatic situation there for the dax, but overall, how is this action going down on the trading floor today? >> the fact that interest rates remain unchanged in great britain and also in the euro area has not been such a big surprise, but the words of mario druggie sounded rather pessimistic and more pessimistic than people expected. before, he said that the economic recovery of the eurozone will take a longer time than expected, and this was something that really dragged the market's down, although there are no measures that have been announced because of cyprus and also the ecb director did not tell what he wants to do if there are similar crises like in cyprus.
. the nikkei, the highest close t and our road map begins with the markets poised ahead higher despite investors prepping for what's setting up to be a disappointing earnings season. >> general electric, ump approximating up its oil and gas business, provider lufkin industries for $3 billion. >> deutche says the airline sector is expected to take off expecting profits up 140% from a year ago. >> our own jim cramer on "meet the press" this weekend keeping about fed chair bernanke in the driver's seat. >> we'll kick it off with the markets as first quarter earnings season kicks off with alcoa. earnings outlook is fairly week. growth expect, compared to 6.2% last quarter is also an unusual high number of negative warnings. 107 negative revisions for s&p companies and jim, i think the ratio of downward to upward guidance is .28 to 1. it's one of the worst ever. >> i got that from twitter and i apologize where i first saw that on twitter. >> i think it's a fact set number. >> right. this is the first time that i've seen multiple articles about how badal coa will be. so often, people say cou
japanese stocks do okay. nikkei up better than 1% today. kospi in the green. only red across asia -- this is a european move. we'll continue to follow it for you this morning keeping an eye on those levels and also coming up on the program today, japan's consumer confidence did jump to a fresh six-year high. we'll get you live reaction from tokyo in a moment. and we'll take a closer look at the nature of the attacks at the boston marathon. >>> also after reporting strong numbers in europe, ford is setting its sitghts on china an phil lebeau will give us an inside look with an exclusive interview at 11:40 cet. >>> all eyes on brazil's central bank ahead of the monthly rate decision. economists expect a rate hike as inflation creeps higher and weep previ will watch that. ross westgate will report from st. paul's cathedral. >>> biggest news this morning, china's local government debt is spiraling out of control at least according to one senior chinese auditor talking to ft. he says he stopped signing off on bond sales by local governments and says the situation could spark a crisis b
was the nikkei up 2.53%. mitsubishi motors soared 20% after forecasting a bumper fiscal year thanks to the weaker yen and lower material costs. australia added 1.7% while lower cpi stoked the case of another rate cut. whistle bargain hunt shanghai had gaining and hang seng gained. elsewhere, apple asian suppliers helped lead tech heavy indices such as taiwan and south korea. suppliers brushed aside concerns about apple's slowing sales momentum ending higher after the tech giant reported better than expected q-2 revenue. apple's top contract maker added 6% in hong kong and 2.5% in taiwan. and au optronica added 3.46% today. and roughly 30% of revenue comes from apple also ended in the green. back to you, kelly. >> thanks very much for that. turning our attention to one of the major stories yesterday. fbi and s.e.c. looking into a fate twitter message that sent u.s. markets into a tailspin. this tweet was sent out reporting explosions at the white house injuring president obama. jay carney said the president was fine but within three minutes of the tweet, the dow plunged before recovering. most tra
. the nikkei 225 eased at 0.2% y.t it still managed to post its best april in 20 years thanks to the boj's earnings steps. earnings news was very much in place. shares slumped over 5% after predicting a weaker earnings guidance. nomura shares jumped 4% after reporting its highest quarterly profit in seven years thanks to a one-time gain sale of a property affiliate stock. elsewhere, the hang seng and hong kong gained for the fifth straight session ending higher by 0.7%. the outperform er, shares rallid after ubs upgraded the stock to buy. elsewhere, south korea's kospi closed with a near two-year high with samsung electronics lending support for its galaxy smartphone. in australia, the asx the 200 ended at a two-year high, up 1.28%. anz rallied 5.78% today. other banks rallied from 2% to 3% today. >>> after the break, find out why ubs's ceo is so pleased with himself. >> it's a confirmation that our strategy works. clearly we have a better client from the first quarter. generally, it would start to sell gate. we went out and asked people a simple question: how old is the oldest person yo
peers. the nikkei added another 2.8% after gaining over 7% during the past three sessions. exporters cheered that the weaker yen after the boj launched its very first government bond buying operations later today. securities and financial stocks floored, developers rallied nearly 6% after a 12% jump last friday on reflationary policies. but elsewhere, a mixed day of trade for the rest of asia with sluggish u.s. jobs data weighing on sentiment. in china, the shanghai composite came back from a four-day weekend ending lower by 0.6%. it's really about market jitters on the bird flu situation with airliners taking a beating. but drugmakers rallied on hopes. pharma stocks light and natural added another 3.6% after soaring 30% last week. but property plays came under pressure as beijing may raise its down payment requirement for second home loans. meanwhile, property shares underperformed in hong kong on disappointing secondary housing sales. but a rebound lent support to the hang seng which finished just a few below the line. in south korea, the kospi ended down about -- excuse me, i coul
japan. we saw the huge rally that occurred overnight in japan. nikkei average up over 200 points. all the major japanese aprs trading up. what would be your instinct on what's happening in japan right now? >> maria, i've liked the u.s., china, and japan since last september. i would be more cautious on china. japan, the market's been down for 23 years with intermittent rallies. i would stay long japan, because they are flooding the system with money rather belatedly. the u.s., to me, i was heartened to notice that nouriel roubini agrees with my thesis about dawn of the american decade, and outlined many of the same theories i've talked about. energy revolution, money coming home, real estate turning. i think the u.s. is not just positioned for the next two or three years, but maybe the next five or ten, as the one true stand-alone economy in the world. and i'm beginning to develop that thesis more formally. and i think that, listen, while we may have a correction in stocks, i don't think it alters the long-term forecast, where the u.s. is the preeminent economy and the preeminent fina
entertainment and they have served subpoenas between panasonic consultant the and our up. >>> japan's nikkei started 2% by taking some profits. most flipped despite china ran at its highest in nearly a year and they remain closed for the easter holiday. >>> checking in on our numbers, they are closed for good friday and this is where we start the day and by the way the dow jones industrial average and s&p 500 start in record territory. >>> this will prevent disturbed people from getting guns and others say it is infringing on second amendment rights. mark kelly said this is common- sense. >> any bill that does not include a universal background check is a mistake. we can scale back by strengthening it or going to far. >> all right, we'll see what they do and so far it has been scheduled at this point. >>> the board of oakland is coming up fire for how it spends its money and some of those people could be giving the wrong impression. >>> it is supposed to be the tallest building in the west coast but now there is competition coming from the city to the south. >> don't forget you can wake up e
weaker than expected growth. shanghai had more than 1% japan's nikkei is also down more than 1.5%. we are starting a quiet day on friday and as you can see starting with dow jones industrial average 8465 and getting a reading on the futures they are indicating it looks like we are going to be down across the board as well this morning. and they are marketing to their went quest client, the move will reduce risks when litigation and compliance costs are increasing. the list had included 1,000 in strategy and starting next month, that list will be cut in half. >>> why the transit provider pulled the plug on whyfie service. >>> plus teenage superstars, this one goes all the way to nazi germany. . >>> welcome back, teenage superstar justin bieber tied to the holocaust. he used part of his down time to visit the hiding place of ann frank. the jewish family hid to escape the holocaust and he wrote in his book and i am quoting here, ann was a great girl and hopefully she would have have been a bill leafer -- believerrer. >>> we are finding out more about the death of an actress who played p
% on worries of the euro zone sluggish growth. overnight in the far east, japan's nikkei finished with a gain of nearly a half of a percent each. right now futures indicate a drop as well across the board. the dow jones industrial average, s&p 500 could have a good drop and there is mixed new for bank of america and we will talk about that later this morning. keep an eye on two area stocks after the market opens. we have first quarter profits that meet wall street's expectations but yahoo fell short of analysts forecast, display at revenue which shows 40% of their earnings dropped 4%. >>> time now 4:21 what two -- 5:21 what two area congressmen are doing. >>> and they could make history tonight. >>> and good morning, big trouble on 880, we have one lane blocked and could cause problems driving through and we will give you an alternate route straight ahead. look at them kids. [ sigh ] they have no idea what it was like before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that. one time, i had to wait half a day to watch a movie. you watched movies?! i was
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